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What is Interim Management Like?

An interim manager is independent, apolitical and has performed the role before.  However, he or she is part of the "home" management team rather than reporting to an external structure as a consultant would.

There are many benefits of using interim executives but the main advantages include the sheer speed of on-boarding, flexibility and the added value that comes with the vast experience of our registered interims.
Applying extra, temporary
management for short periods is an
extremely attractive resource option
in these times of organisational
change and uncertainty. The use of
contract managers is now established
as a powerful alternative to
traditional recruitment and
consultancy solutions, for both line
manager and project manager
positions, and can secure significant
business advantage. Increasingly,
modern organisations employ the mix
of permanent staff, Interims and
consultants that best suits them.

Flexible Resourcing

With today's executives under ever increasing pressure, using an interim manager provides an opportunity to increase resource bandwidth and provide relief from the now commonplace time burdens faced at senior levels.
People and technology
As a leading interim management consultancy agency our solution is to offer high quality interim management services, executive recruitment and project manager freelancing on a short term and medium term basis.

The Turnoak Solution

a “safe pair of hands”. They typically will have done the job you are asking them to do before and are sensibly over-qualified for the task in question, like you would be
independent. They will become part of your management structure, albeit for a short time, and will report into you rather than, by contrast, a consultant who reports into a Partner
apolitical within your organisation. Their motivation is not career orientated, they are wholly driven by the agreed business aims of the client and look to do a good job and move on

As such, they are different from a permanent recruit, who would aspire to do the job in due course, and a consultant, whose primary career aspirations and hence loyalties usually remain within the consulting organisation.

An effective way of understanding how Interim Management works in practise is the analogy of someone very similar to the hiring manager himself but working independently for that client executive. Interim Managers are:
What is it Like
The Benefits
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