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What are the Benefits?

An interim manager is independent, apolitical and has performed the role before.  However, he or she is part of the "home" management team rather than reporting to an external structure as a consultant would.

There are many benefits of using interim executives but the main advantages include the sheer speed of on-boarding, flexibility and the added value that comes with the vast experience of our registered interims.

With today's executives under ever increasing pressure, using an interim manager provides an opportunity to increase resource bandwidth and provide relief from the now commonplace time burdens faced at senior levels.
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The major advantages and benefits of using Interim Managers include:-
Immediate access to Management Resources
Added Value
Apolitical in all Work
Immediate access to committed, experienced and independent executives, covering all industry sectors and all skill areas
Value-for-money. Our rates generally compare favourably with those of an equivalent consultant and with low overheads an Interim Manager represents excellent value-for-money
Independence. Interim Managers soon become trusted members of the home management team. Because of their independence, work colleagues soon realise that they offer impartial and professional advice
Flexibility. The "resource tap" can be turned on or off very quickly
Added Value. A sensibly over-qualified professional manager in your ranks produces benefits over and above doing his or her normal job. Such benefits include mentoring staff, developing successful relationships, and advising from experience
Apolitical staff whose sole responsibility is doing their job. Everyone, including the Interim Manager, knows that they are here to do one thing - their job. This makes it easier for him/her to achieve it

Benefits of Interim Management

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