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The Turnoak Approach

Our approach to Interim Management combines three elements to meet the demands of clients:-
Turnoak Interim Management was
founded as a specialist provider of
interim managers in 1999 by Ged
Barnett. He brings a wealth of
knowledge and experience in senior
positions in Information Technology
(IT) and international management
consulting and has the added
experience of having worked as an
interim manager himself. Ged not
only runs the business but also plays
an active day-to-day role.  His
experience of IT and systems roles,
from Programmer to IT Director / CIO
and consultancy, helps us to
understand the needs of clients and
provide only candidates who fit the
specification thereby saving our
clients valuable time. This is
complemented by our constant
efforts to find and recruit interim
managers with deep experience and
the highest levels of expertise, the
details of which are stored on our
database register of candidates ready
for client assignments.

Established and Proven

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•   The Company with its focussed approach to the Information Technology (IT) and systems market place, backed up by the interim executive database
  The Expertise of each interim systems executive, who, at first sight, may appear over qualified but who can draw on previous experience and can transfer skills to the existing team
•   The Operation of the assignment, which will depend on a clearly defined plan with defined deliverables. The interim executive works as part of the home Management team, which contrasts with a consultant who usually operates in an advisory role.
This approach enables Turnoak to claim a high degree of success when undertaking Interim Management assignments and using the highest possible quality standards both before and during the temporary secondment or project management timescale. We strive to provide excellent executive recruitment and international management recruitment services.

The process of supplying an interim manager starts with a requirement from a client for a temporary executive. From a briefing as the first stage of our management recruitment service, we will initiate a search of our candidate database, taking into account the industry sector, seniority, skill profile and any other attributes that are needed in the interim manager. Drawing on our experience, we will then produce a short-list of a (probable) maximum three candidates, each of whom will meet the minimum specification, and submit these to the client for their consideration. For each individual, we will indicate clearly their rate and availability and each one will have been briefed and vetted by us prior to submission. We then arrange interviews as necessary for the client to assess their "cultural fit" to the organisation - we strive to achieve a very close match of candidates to requirements but the culture aspect is sometimes hard to assess.

Once a decision is made on the final choice of candidate, we arrange a start date and put contracts in place for the executive to join the client management team. During the assignment we keep in touch to monitor progress but without encroaching on client executive time which we appreciate is precious.

The whole process can be completed within a matter of hours if necessary but a few days or a week allows Turnoak to add more value and the client to make a more reasoned judgement on candidates.

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